Staff Directory


Fax: 215-716-5206

Bob Gallagher
Chief Executive Officer
215-368-YMCA ext 101
Ro Molyneux
Interim Chief Operating Officer
Nancie DeCoursey
HR & Business Operations Director
215-368-YMCA ext 104
Trish Genghini
Director of Marketing
215-368-YMCA ext 100
Donna Katzman
Director of Development
215-368-YMCA, ext 107
Joanne McCurdy
Executive Assistant
215-368-YMCA ext 103
Katie VanHouten
Mkt & Dev Communications Associate
215-368-YMCA ext 106


Fax: 215-256-4184

Diane Manus
Branch Director
Karen Bauer
Administrative Assistant


Fax: 215-723-8978

Betty Linko
Branch Executive
215-723-3569 ext 112
Jim Barnes
Building & Grounds Director
215-723-3569 ext 123
Jaime Beauseigneu
Party Coordinator
215-723-3569 ext 522
J.P. Brophy
Youth and Teen Program Manager
215-723-3569 ext 152
Alex Burdzy
Wellness Director
215-723-3569 ext 119
Tina Cook
Sports Coordinator
215-723-3569 ext 122
Karen Coutts
Sr. Child Care Director
215-723-3569 ext 114
Sara Faust
Babysitting Coordinator
215-723-3569 ext 118
Alicia Fergus
AOA Coordinator
215-723-3569 ext 115
Lenny Grossman
Senior Member Services Director
215-723-3569 ext 117
Phyllis Hicks
Kids Kare and Live Y’ers Billing
215-723-3569 ext 111
Pamela Jackson
Youth & Teen Director
215-723-3569 ext 113
Brian Krizovensky
Aquatic Director
215-723-3569 ext 121
Pattie Ladley
Membership Operations Manager
215-723-3569 ext 125
Ann Leslie
Youth Fitness/Family Coordinator
215-723-3569 ext 119
Betty Linko
Group Exercise Coordinator
215-723-3569 ext 112
DonnaLea Pyrz
Administrative Assistant
Indian Valley Character Counts! Director
215-723-3569 ext 116


Fax: 215-368-0797

Karen Rice
Branch Executive
215-368-1601 ext 207
Mark Bryson
Sports Director
215-368-1601 ext 209
Robin Fletcher
School’s Out and Camp Director
215-368-1601 ext 200
Nancy Gray
AOA Coordinator
215-368-1601 ext 233
Betty Helpa
Communication and Outreach Coordinator
215-368-1601 ext 203
Jill Hunsicker
Member Services Director
215-368-1601 ext 206
Eve Laidacker
Wellness Director
215-368-1601 ext 216
MaryEllen Meehan
Group Exercise Coordinator
215-368-1601 ext 246
Suzie Mundie
Early Childhood Director
215-368-1601 ext 240
Michele O’Donnell
Senior Aquatic Director
Jose Perez
Building & Grounds Director
215-368-1601 ext 208
Ayana Sanders
Teen Leader Coordinator
Arielle Serrano
Babysitting Coordinator

The North Penn YMCA provides programs and services for children, teens, seniors, families and those with special needs in the North Penn, Indian Valley and Perkiomen Valley communities. Our programs, available for all ages and abilities, include childcare, swimming, sports, group and individual exercise, character building, social activities and volunteer opportunities.